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Moose's Tooth Raspberry Wheat Ale

Moose's Tooth Raspberry Wheat Ale

If you’ve ever been to the Moose’s Tooth restaurant in Anchorage, you notice one thing right off the bat: Yippies. Yippies are a combination of yuppie money and hippie attitude and clothes. From the organically grown purses to The North Face jackets, the Moose’s Tooth is a jamboree of idealism and as much I wouldn’t like to say it, it’s not all bad. Them yippies know some beers. From the delicious porters to the excellent sandwiches and pizza, the Moose’s Tooth puts out some great stuff. And not surprisingly one of my favorite Alaskan beers is the Moose’s Tooth Raspberry Wheat. Not a shock either is the fact that it’s served pretty regularly at The Pub as well.

An embodiment of the hippie attitude, this beer is sweet instead of bitter and pink instead of the normal citizen beer brown. You can almost taste the Dave Matthews Band music playing while this creature of nature was brewed. This year’s batch seems a bit more bitter than last, but given the state of the economy, wars and job market, who could blame it? So while hippie and yuppie idealism only gets you so far, (two glasses most) sometimes the dreamer’s dreams are a solid step in the right direction (pitcher one down, three to go, suck it Yeats).

The Moose’s Tooth Raspberry Wheat Ale is brewed by the Moose’s Tooth Brewing company based out of ol’ Anchorage, AK and is available at both The Moose’s Tooth Restaurant and The Bear Tooth Theatre Pub along with many bars in Alaska. Coming in at a decent 4.1 percent, this beer is sweet but drinkable and enjoyable in any company and any weather. Largely odorless with just a hint of sweet raspberries, this cloudy grapefruit colored drink is only truly enjoyed after that first drink served extra cold.

The groovy flavors

Initial Taste: Bitter sweet citrus

Mid Taste: Blooming raspberry with tinge of raw alcohol

Lasting Taste: Light raspberry with lemony aftertaste

On a scale of Terrible / Bad / Decent / Good / Excellent

I vote, Good

Recommendations: Start the night off with your hippie friends and colleagues alike over a pitcher of this Raspberry Wheat Ale discussing politics, love and literature, then move on to real beer with a good porter. Good times every time thus far.

Please visit http://www.moosestooth.net/index2.htm for more info and click beers to see the wide variety and colorful beers available.



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G Schneider Sohn Aventinus

G Schneider & Sohn Aventinus

Wintertime is a time for festivities, friends and great flavorful beers. However, wintertime is also a time of horrid darkness, bleak frigid landscapes and (shudder shudder) extended family. Luckily enough, winter ales rise to meet the challenges of the unmitigated Alaskan winter by bumping up the alcohol percentages to near double normal amounts.

So please, drink with great caution and without further ado, here’s an assortment of good, bad and great beers recently featured at local beer tasting.

– G Schneider & Sohn Aventinus –
An Excellent winter-themed ale reminiscent of the smells of Christmas and the elation of snow-days in grade-school.  In other words, I am a new fan of this beer.
Color: Cloudy brown
Smell: Cloves and spice
Initial: Cloves, pear and smoke
Mid: Continued flavor with increased clove taste
Lasting: Pleasant with almost a root beer aftertaste

–  Samuel Smith Winter Welcome –
A Decent light summer ale, not a great winter
Color: A clear deep, deep yellow
Smell: Light pear
Initial: Fruit mid-tongue snap
Mid: Full pear body
Lasting: Lighter pear, slight mango

– Bosteels Triple Karmeliet –
A Good champagne beer akin to the High Life with wonderful citric flavor
Color: Semi-clear bright yellow
Smell: Light, light fruit
Initial: Crisp and light
Mid: Japanese orange flavor
Lasting: Light tingling

– Lindemans Framboise –
A Good desert drink, lightweight drinkers will love this “beer”
Color: Deep rose red
Smell: Raspberry
Initial: Sweet raspberry
Mid: Raspberry
Lasting: Surprise, surprise—raspberry

– Rogue Chocolate-
A Good solid chocolate beer that’s great fun and better as it warms up.
Color: Dark, deep brown
Smell: Chocolate cocoa
Initial: Chocolate and berry
Mid: Dark cocoa
Lasting: Slight bitter coffee

– Alaskan Barley Wine –
A Bad beast of a drink with too much all at once
Color: Cloudy orange
Smell: Light raspberry
Initial: A mixture of apple and grape
Mid: Burst of spices
Lasting: A little harsh currant-like

– Chimay Grande Reserve –
A Decent stout-like flavored beer, a little bland
Color: Deep brown with hint of red
Smell: Light fruit
Initial: High carbonation with spice
Mid: Light plum perhaps
Lasting: Kind of bland to minimal flavor

– Duvel Belgian Strong Ale-
A Decent and surprising complicated ale to revisit
Color: Almost clear yellow
Smell: Light to no smell
Initial: Banana beer
Mid: Banana with short pop of vanilla
Lasting: Spicy if not peppery

– Celebrator Sierra Nevada –
A Bad IPA type of beer with no winter soul
Color: Cloudy orange
Smell: Slight hops
Initial: Hops snap
Mid: Standard IPA taste
Lasting: Strange bitterness

Disclaimer: Cruthers normally pays for all of his drinks out of his own desolate wallet, however in this case The Pub was kind enough to donate Cruthers a ticket to partake in a winter beer tasting.  And partook he did.


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Samuel Adams Cherry Wheat

Samuel Adams Cherry Wheat

Music is a funny thing. It’s often popular but deeply personal at the same time. Like I like rock music but it doesn’t make you a bad person if you like country, we just have different taste (actually I retract that, it does make you a bad person if you like country music). Different taste equal different reviews and thus this is what I encountered Friday night when I came upon the sweet and wholesome sounding Samuel Adams Cherry Wheat Ale.

The Boston Beer Company is a macro brewer that currently has 29; yes 29 different beers currently in production with fantastic sounding flavors like, the Blackberry Witbier or the Imperial White. This is a company with the abilities of a macro but the heart of a micro so it appears. Much like main stream bands that put out popular but solid music, you can’t please everyone all the time, but nor should you. So while I personally did not enjoy this beer, I also cannot damn it to music hell (there is no such thing as beer hell, only heaven). The flavor is admirable in its attempt to work outside the box, much like the indie scene without the pretentiousness, but unfortunately this is just not my stein of beer.

The unique tasting

Initial Taste: Cherry bam with grain overtone, as written on the bottle

Mid Taste: Immense cherry with a creamy foaming texture

Lasting Taste: Cherry of course, but with a light tingling numbness much like the throat spray

On a scale of Terrible / Bad / Decent / Good / Excellent

I vote, Decent

Recommendations: If you love cherry this is the beer for you, otherwise enjoy in rare doses. Which is convenient because it’s frequently hard to find.

Please visit http://www.samueladams.com/Default.aspx for more info and an annoying entrance age verification thing. Seriously? Type in my birth date twice? You’d think that we could guzzle beer through the screen. Ridiculous.


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