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Moose's Tooth Raspberry Wheat Ale

Moose's Tooth Raspberry Wheat Ale

If you’ve ever been to the Moose’s Tooth restaurant in Anchorage, you notice one thing right off the bat: Yippies. Yippies are a combination of yuppie money and hippie attitude and clothes. From the organically grown purses to The North Face jackets, the Moose’s Tooth is a jamboree of idealism and as much I wouldn’t like to say it, it’s not all bad. Them yippies know some beers. From the delicious porters to the excellent sandwiches and pizza, the Moose’s Tooth puts out some great stuff. And not surprisingly one of my favorite Alaskan beers is the Moose’s Tooth Raspberry Wheat. Not a shock either is the fact that it’s served pretty regularly at The Pub as well.

An embodiment of the hippie attitude, this beer is sweet instead of bitter and pink instead of the normal citizen beer brown. You can almost taste the Dave Matthews Band music playing while this creature of nature was brewed. This year’s batch seems a bit more bitter than last, but given the state of the economy, wars and job market, who could blame it? So while hippie and yuppie idealism only gets you so far, (two glasses most) sometimes the dreamer’s dreams are a solid step in the right direction (pitcher one down, three to go, suck it Yeats).

The Moose’s Tooth Raspberry Wheat Ale is brewed by the Moose’s Tooth Brewing company based out of ol’ Anchorage, AK and is available at both The Moose’s Tooth Restaurant and The Bear Tooth Theatre Pub along with many bars in Alaska. Coming in at a decent 4.1 percent, this beer is sweet but drinkable and enjoyable in any company and any weather. Largely odorless with just a hint of sweet raspberries, this cloudy grapefruit colored drink is only truly enjoyed after that first drink served extra cold.

The groovy flavors

Initial Taste: Bitter sweet citrus

Mid Taste: Blooming raspberry with tinge of raw alcohol

Lasting Taste: Light raspberry with lemony aftertaste

On a scale of Terrible / Bad / Decent / Good / Excellent

I vote, Good

Recommendations: Start the night off with your hippie friends and colleagues alike over a pitcher of this Raspberry Wheat Ale discussing politics, love and literature, then move on to real beer with a good porter. Good times every time thus far.

Please visit http://www.moosestooth.net/index2.htm for more info and click beers to see the wide variety and colorful beers available.



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