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Canadian Hunter Whiskey

Canadian Hunter Whiskey

Peeking at a bottle of Canadian Hunter Whiskey, one can’t help but notice the label and wonder, “Is he a Canadian hunter or the much more alarming hunter of Canadians?” In a border of gold, the hunter stands majestically in a snow covered field with a lever-action rifle in one hand and two not one Malamutes on a tight leather tether in the other. This whiskey’s representative looks intently outward at the drinker with a furrowed brow, unkempt feathered hair and a mustache that could choke a baby. When I saw this bottle I thought, “Damn, chicks can’t help but be all over my junk after seeing me swig this outside of an administrative building!”

While the question as to the hunters prey may never be answered, the question of whether this discerning and attractive connoisseur approves most certainly is.

Sorrowfully this whiskey simple doesn’t make the grade no matter how much I love the label. Imported by the Sazerac Company Inc. in Frankfort, KY, Canadian Hunter Whiskey is sold as a cheaper (and more Canadian?) alternative to its brother, Rich & Rare Whiskey. While the label is simply hilarious and the color of the liquor is a solid reddish amber appearance with a watery pour and pleasant aroma, I simply can not recommend it. Rubbing alcohol and maple syrup is best left to the medical cabinet and kitchen, separate and not in my drink.

The lumberjack motivated tasting

Shot Taste: Initial sharp common whiskey flavor followed by an effervescence of plain alcohol and ending with (I kid you not) a maple syrup aftertaste.

Whiskey & Coke Taste: Largely undetectable even when added in copious amounts.

On a scale of Terrible / Bad / Decent / Good / Excellent

I vote, BAD (but in the nicest way possible)

Recommendations: This is a cheap whiskey that is largely suited for mixers at bonfires and hockey games. Do not drink straight. If your looking for suitable straight whiskey step up to ‘ol Jack Daniels or be a man and start the road onto Scotch whiskey.

Visit www.sazerac.com/cWhiskey.aspx for what little further information there is available on the web regarding this whiskey. Also the label on the plastic bottle is much more impressive than the one on the glass bottle.



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