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Sutter Home White Merlot 2007

Sutter Home White Merlot 2007

It’s been said that a fine wine is akin to fine art: distinguished, complicated and ultimately unknowable. But where does that leave the average consumer? In the dark, afraid and alone, sipping on box-wine while the wine snobs’ malevolent coughs and eye rolls dance through their heads? Well, I’m here to say nay and bring some light to young and old connoisseurs alike. Wine is to be enjoyed on many different tiers, both high-brow (museum pieces) and low-brow (pop art such as The Simpsons). One does not need to alienate themselves to either camp. Art, like wine, is to be enjoyed with company, year-round, and on both the expensive and affordable end. I, being a poor college student, lean towards the affordable, but wouldn’t say no to a 20-dollar glass of Chianti sent my way. As long as my tab’s free, bring ‘er on. This brings me to the fun and light Sutter Home White Merlot 2007, an extremely affordable wine that stands out on my palate for its approachable taste, fun cherry flavor and merlot dryness.

The Sutter Home White Merlot 2007 is vinted and bottled by the Sutter Home Winery, Inc., which is owned by Trinchero Family Estates, owners of over 25 different labels. Interestingly enough, Sutter Home Winery is “one of the largest, independent family-run wineries in the United States,” and Louis “Bob” Trinchero, one of the founder’s sons, is the claimed American creator in 1975 of an entire genre of wine known as White Zinfandel, originally known as Oeil de Perdrix (eye of partridge), named after the French sparkling wine from the middle ages. The White Merlot in review is a clear, deep, ruby red with olfactory indulgences of strawberries and vanilla, and is available in both 750ml and 1.5L containers appropriate for a home dessert wine or art show openings.

The simple low-brow fun tasting

Initial Taste: Thin texture with fruity sweetness akin to cherries

Mid Taste: Rising bitterness and bolder flavor

Lasting Taste: Merlot dryness and pepper

On a scale of Terrible / Bad / Decent / Good / Excellent

I vote, Good

Recommendations: A mixture between a dinner and dessert wine, the wine is light and affordable, and matches nicely with a salad or finger foods, or served extra cold for after dinner.

Visit http://www.sutterhome.com/w_wm.php for a podcast description and to see a variety of women laughing and smiling in their kitchens, beach houses and cafes. Seriously, why do advertisers always use soft boxes to shoot corny scenes such as these? Not everything needs to be in a soft dream world. Just sell me the product straight and I’ll determine if it’s heaven or hell.



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